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6 Affordable Vegan Beauty Products at Ross

This is the first installment in Vegan Beauty on a Budget, a series where Gicela Galvez goes to unexpected places to find affordable vegan beauty products.

Ross is well-known for brand name deals at low-cost prices, and I come here to buy a lot of my vegan hygiene, skincare, and hair products.

While Ross always carries cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands, something to be aware of is that they do tend to fluctuate and rotate different brands and products.

Check out these six cruelty-free and vegan products you can consistently find at Ross:

1.) YesTo (cruelty-free products)

YesTo mists

YesTo is a cruelty-free brand that focuses on skin -care solutions. This brand offers natural products that are paraben-free and toxic-free with recyclable packaging. YesTo products tend to be always available at Ross, but be sure to grab your charcoal face masks quick since it sells out fast!

2.) Method (cruelty free products)

Method handwash

Method carries a huge range of cruelty-free cleaning products. They are working on becoming a more planet-friendly company by trying to reduce their carbon emissions. They tend to be another stable brand that can be easily found at Ross. One of the most popular products they carry are their unique scented, cruelty-free wash soaps.

3.) Luseta (cruelty free products)

Luseta coconut milk shampoo

Luseta is a cruelty free company based in Los Angeles that focuses on natural hair-care. Luseta’s most common products are their fruit-like shampoos that are popular across hair salons.

4. Shibui (vegan products)

Shibui hemp body moisturizer

Shibui is a vegan company that focuses on creating cannabis infused products. The products are non-psychoactive products, but they do come from a cannabis sativa plant. You can usually find their hair-care solutions at Ross. Be sure to check for Shibui’s shampoos and conditioners as well!

5.) Renpure (plant based products)

Renpure conditioner

Renpure is a company that creates plant-based products. They infuse herbs and natural oils in their products. Usually, Renpure has different 5-in-1 hair treatments that come in unique combinations available at Ross.

6. Argan Naturals (cruelty free products)

Argan Naturals body scrub

Argan Naturals is a 100% pure organic company that specializes in hair care. They are a cruelty-free company based in the United States. At Ross, it is so easy to search for many Argan Naturals products, whether it is a body scrub or a shampoo.


Gicela Galvez

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