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Vegan Beauty Under $5: Dollar Tree Edition

The last place many people would think of looking for great quality, inexpensive beauty products is at the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree does an outstanding job providing the public with great cruelty-free products for just a couple bucks. This is a list of Yardley London and Bolero which are two cruelty-free brands that can be found at the Dollar Tree:

1.) Yardley London (cruelty-free product)

– Moisturizing Bath Bar (English lavender, oatmeal & almond, Shea buttermilk)

While it may come to a surprise to many Yardley London is considered a high-end beauty brand in Europe. Yardley London is a groundbreaking, cruelty-free company famous for their luxurious fragrances and soaps. At the Dollar Tree, you may usually only find moisturizing bath bars. These moisturizing bath bars are perfect for switching to a zero-waste/minimalist bath routine.

2. Bolero (cruelty-free products)

– Facial wipes, facial masks, facial scrub, face serum, Body Polish & Body Cream (coconut oil & sea salt, French lavender & citrus, coconut & rose oil )

Bolero is a cruelty-free company that centers on creating skin-care products. Bolero’s products are made with fruit-based ingredients while being color-free and paraben-free. Bolero’s beauty products usually range from over fifteen dollars on Amazon, but at the Dollar Tree they are priced around a dollar for each product (plus tax). Get them while you can!

3. Daily Defense (cruelty-free products)

– Argan Oil Shampoo & Coconut Oil deep conditioner

Daily Defense is a worldwide recognized Canadian cruelty-free company.

Daily Defense uses botanical and natural ingredients in their products and are always striving to be environmentally conscious. Daily Defense’ most favored products are the ones infused with argan oil and coconut oil.

4. Shugar Soapworks (cruelty-free, vegan, plant-based products)

– Oatmeal, Coconut Soap & Oatmeal, Verbena Soap

Shugar Soapworks is an amazing, plant-based company who is always striving to give back to the community. Shugar Soapworks is rooted in community values that they created a program called “Through our Clean Hands Save Lives” to distribute quality, natural soaps for those in need across the United States. Shugar Soapworks’ three important principles are using honest eco-friendly ingredients, compassionate care, and the heart of Shugar Soapworks.

Gicela Galvez

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